Garden, Landscape and Nature Events In July

Brian Daly | May 2024 | Blog Post


A grouping of marigolds in a garden
Yellow marigold garden

Welcome to July! Summer is in full swing, and nature is in full bloom. Let the endless possibilities of immersive outdoor experiences guide this month’s activity agenda for you and your family. Explore the vibrant colors and diverse plant life among guided garden walks, and learn more about the phenomenon that is nature through a series of educational classes. Become inspired and discover your dream pinterest perfect yard by visiting our comprehensive list of must see Northern Virginia and D.C. gardens. From blooming flower beds to meticulously designed landscapes, these gardens offer endless inspiration for your own outdoor spaces and yard planning.

In addition to garden tours, July offers a variety of family friendly events and unique nature activities. Ground yourself in the outdoors and find tranquility with forest bathing. Don’t miss out on local, seasonal events that celebrate the gift of summer. No matter if you’re looking to learn, relax, or simply have some fun with your loved ones, July’s events have something for everyone to enjoy

Family-Friendly Fun In The Gardens

To kick off this month, Meadowlark Gardens is hosting their Pup Day on both July 3rd and 17th! Bring the whole family, including our furry friends, to enjoy a day taking in the scenery at this botanical garden. Also at Meadowlark is the “Life in the Lakes” preschool program on July 11th, perfect for ages 2-4. This immersive experience guides the group through the topic of wildlife in lakes with stories, songs, hands on crafts, and a discovery walk. Temple Hall Farm Regional Park has similar programming for children ages 0-6, offering both “Storytime on the Farm,” and “Farmer for a Day.” Through both of these programs happening several times this month, “Storytime on the Farm” teaches a nature related story then connects that concept immediately after with an animal meet and greet or short walk around the grounds. “Farmer for a Day” gives your child a peek at the day in the life of a farmer. Enjoy this unique experience on July 5th, 18th, 25th, and 26th! Lastly is the longest event of this month, Naturalist Weekend at Bull Run. Suited for the whole family, camp overnight at Bull Run Regional Park on July 19th-20th to experience two days full of nature exploration and appreciation.


Whether you prefer to experience nature by grounding yourself on land, paddling through the waters, or by connecting the arts with your passion for the outdoors, this selection of events is the perfect lineup for you. Forest bathing is popular in this area! This Japanese process of relaxation is offered with a variety of components at Green Spring Gardens, the U.S. National Arboretum, and Meadowlark Gardens.  Meadowlark continues on with their unique Summer offerings, including Sunrise in the Garden on July 14th, and the Annual Daylily Sale and Exhibition and the Daylily Collections tour coming on July 6th! Visit to see this  colorful, low maintenance plant that is native to Asia. Connect your art talents and passions to the beauty of orchids at Green Spring Gardens on July 17th with a watercolor workshop. For all water activity enthusiasts, there are three special kayaking adventures taking place in our local area in July. At Fountainhead Regional Park on July 17th, enjoy a sunset on the water guided by NOVA Parks Naturalist Matt Felperin. Can’t make it on the 17th? Don’t worry! Algonkian Regional Park offers the same experience on July 29th. If you’re also a night owl, try out the Sunset to Moonrise Kayak Paddle at Pohick Bay Regional Park on July 21st for stunning views.

Gardening & Landscaping Education

For landscaping enthusiasts of all levels, check out these educational classes to further your experience and talents in the month of July. To learn how to craft the perfect Summer accessory, visit Hillwood Museum, Estate, and Gardens either virtually on July 19th or onsite on July 20th for a class on floral design for flower crowns. Merrifield Garden Center also has a wide offering for this month, including a hydrangea selection and care class on July 23rd. This delicate and beautiful summer flower can be difficult to distinguish and care for, but not anymore after attending this online class! Learn more about native plants for pollinators, the best cultivators of native plants, and the Mt. Cuba studies during the Q&A webinar on July 9th. With the strong sun in Summer, strategically shaded gardens are a (not so) new landscape design trend when it comes to practical yard and space planning. Learn how best to design and implement shade gardens on the July 16th webinar through Merrifield Garden Center.

Garden Tours

Time for a walk about the garden? Visit this list of local sanctuaries of nature for the perfect guide! If you’re looking for angelic architecture matched with breathtaking views perfect to inspire your own front yard transformation, head to the Washington National Cathedral and be sure to check out its seven unique features, including an amphitheater! You’ll find beautiful and well maintained grounds at Hillwood Estate, along with greenhouses filled to the brim with blooming plants. Visit on July 9th, 12th, 16th, or 19th for their Gardener’s Focus Tour on Summer Designs and on July 10th, 12th, 17th, or 19th for their Focus Tour on Japanese Styled Gardens. Oatlands Garden in Leesburg, Va has luscious greenery all throughout the property. With a perfect mix of pastels and earthy colors, this garden serves as great inspiration for a balanced nature color palette. Meadowlark Botanical Gardens has many different worldly scenes set upon their acres, including the Korean Bell Garden. Visit Meadowlark during one of the events mentioned previously in this blog! The U.S. National Arboretum serves as a masterful example of natural shading within a garden. Make this trip an experiential learning adventure by observing it before the Merrifield Garden Center webinar or analyzing the design after taking the class. Green Spring Gardens offer a simplistic charm with their park. Enjoy a guided tour of their property on July 20th with themes of a general garden tour with a sweet treat and a “More Native Plants Saturday” tour. Visit the following week on July 27th for the informative “Family Fun | Tree Trails” tour that explores all of the roles trees play in the ecosystem. Once you have gathered your inspiration from these garden walks, start to make your dream tangible by picking out plant material at our favorite local nursery, Merrifield Garden Center.

Any way you decide to celebrate nature is the right way! If you have ideas on how you’d like to optimize your outdoor space, take a look at our services here, and see how we can provide you with best-in-class solutions for everything from Landscape Design and Lighting, to Installation and Gardening Services Contact to schedule a consultation today and begin the process of turning your yard into your pocket of peace.

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