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A picture of the Cherry Blossoms in Washington DC with the Washington Monument in the background

The Start Of Spring

As warmer weather begins to set in and we approach the first day of spring, March is the perfect time to embrace nature’s beauty with outdoor activities to accommodate everyone while also learning about some great landscape design and maintenance habits! Here at Brian Daly Designs, we believe not only in the beauty that plants bring to your yard, but also the beauty of being able to enjoy these landscapes as they were intended to be. With the cherry blossoms blooming in DC, this month has so much to offer in terms of not only embracing nature, but also culture.

The DC cherry blossoms are set to reach peak bloom from March 23-26. Here is your guide to taking in these blossoms.

Outdoor Activities

If you’re looking for live music, scenic views, food to enjoy, and activities to keep the little ones entertained, the Tidal Basin Welcome stage is the perfect spot for you. Across the water from the historical Thomas Jefferson Memorial, you will find picturesque scenes of cherry blossoms surrounding you. March 23rd may be the best day to visit, but don’t worry, this opportunity to get active with family friendly outdoor activities is open until April 7th.

Another outdoor activity perfect for people of all ages is the Blossom Kite Festival on the Washington Monument grounds. Featuring traditional Japanese drumming, and live music from other local artists, this fun competition is sure to be an unforgettable experience for the whole family. Be sure to register before the day of, March 30th, as spots get filled quickly.

Combining art, Japanese and American culture, and the cherry blossoms, the SAAM Cherry Blossom Family Celebration provides an immersive experience for all. Featuring traditional Japanese performances of the pop, boogie, and drumming genres, as well as other musical performances and activities for all ages, this Saturday afternoon sounds like fun-filled outdoor time for everyone! Mark your calendars for March 23rd and find more information here:

Looking to enjoy the cherry blossoms without the DC traffic and crowds? The National Cherry Blossom Festival is hosting an event in the Mosaic District in Fairfax, VA. This event focuses more on pairing shopping with an outdoor, nature filled experience, featuring 90 artisan vendors, 50 local produce vendors, live music, and a feature from our local favorite garden center, Merrifield Garden Center. Stop by on April 6th or 7th to find entertaining weekend activities meant for everyone.

This year, Meadowlark Gardens in Northern Virginia is offering the unique opportunity to photograph their cherry blossoms at sunrise on March 24th! For all of you nature photographers out there, this is a rare opportunity to photograph these stunning blossoms not only at sunrise, but also in a private environment. Meadowlark encourages all ages 12 and up to attend, regardless of experience. Register here: ography-workshop-3

Landscape Design Inspiration, Maintenance Tips, And More

One of the most known traditions that comes with spring in the DC metropolitan area is seeing the cherry blossoms, so find time on your calendar to get out and about to see these beautiful flowers! That being said, if you’re looking for events aside from the featured blossoms to help you with some landscape design and maintenance ideas, check out these events below:

This month, Hillwood Estate, Museum, and Gardens is offering many events focusing on the winter/spring flower: the orchid. First up is a maintenance masterclass, including the repotting of orchids Taught by professionals, this class allows you to get hands on experience and knowledge to not only last you a lifetime, but also your orchid. Additionally, Hillwood is offering an exclusive tour led by experts of their orchid filled greenhouse. This is an excellent opportunity to explore the plentiful types of orchids and to imagine what your future landscape design with orchids could look like!

The US National Arboretum is hosting their 37th annual lahr native plants symposium which features many local gardeners, non profits, and scientists; this is a great cumulation of people and a mix of horticulturalist topics for anyone with a green thumb. This all day event on March 23rd is an opportunity to expand your knowledge and explore new environmental interests. Visit this link to find more:

Green Spring Gardens have a packed calendar of public events for this month! Kicking this month off with an adults only class on ferns, Green Spring Gardens educates you on how to care for ferns, make the most of their textures, and where to place them. For the gardeners in training (3-5 years old), there is a monthly nature playgroup so you can get your child outside, have them take an interest in the beauty of nature, and meet other children in your area! Check out this link for other events, including a spotlight on cacti and succulents, other family fun activities, adult drawing lessons for horticulture, classes on tree and shrub pruning, and other nature walks.

Merrifield Garden Center also has a full event calendar this month with workshops at two locations. At the Fair Oaks location, the garden center is hosting a class on developments in native landscape design on March 9th. As these plants rise in popularity, this masterclass on design shows gardeners how to design around native plants and how to embrace them. The following week on March 16th, join Pam Powers, a Master Rosarian, on how to design, grow, and maintain rose gardens.

As also highlighted in last month’s blog post, if you are looking for a free form garden visit, check out these locations:

Located in DC, the Washington National Cathedral offers a mix of angelic architecture and gardens that have seven unique features. This is a perfect spot to see a little bit of everything and to take in beautiful buildings.

Oatlands Garden boasts beautiful uses of shrubbery to create private pockets within a public garden. If you are looking for a scenic spot to relax, go on a stroll, or take photos, this is a great place to do so.

Dumbarton Oaks is a colorful garden that stays in style year round with seasonal colors and plants. You’ll find pastel trees and flowers bathing in the sun during the warm days of spring as they start to approach.

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