Landscaping Tips and Events for July 2023

Brian Daly | June-July 2023 | Blog Post


July is the height of summer and a peak time for gardens in our region. Whether you’re tending to shrubs, herbs, or flowers, there’s lots to do to keep your landscape looking its best in July.

After the 4th of July cookouts and fireworks are behind us, it’s time to roll up our sleeves and make sure our yards are ready to face the last couple months of heat and growth — and start planning for next season!

Here are a few things to take care of in July to keep your landscape flourishing:

· Water drought-sensitive plants thoroughly and deeply, especially if you’re going to be away on vacation. To help prevent fungal diseases, gently aim the water at the ground and avoid watering the plants themselves. You can also consider a drip watering system that can be controlled with a timer or an app, which can be great when you’re away from home.

· Prune your overgrown woody shrubs, especially dead branches, to keep your landscape from looking unkempt. Use clean, sharp pruning tools to avoid damaging the plants.

· Stake and deadhead perennials to keep them looking fresh and encourage more growth and blooms.

· Separate and replant daylilies and irises in late July. Do this every three to five years to spread the beauty and keep these bloomers from overcrowding. Have too many? Share with a friend!

· Start planning your fall garden and landscaping projects when it’s too hot to work outside. Pair a notepad with a tall glass of cold lemonade and write down the tasks that need to get done when the weather turns cool again. If you’re considering larger projects, or even just need help with ongoing maintenance, a landscape designer can help.

For some horticultural inspiration, check out what’s going on in our region during the month:

Hillwood Estate, Museum & Gardens is holding the Gardener’s Focus Tours, Summer Designs on July 11, 14, 18, and 21. Director of Horticulture Jessica Bonilla will guide the tours on an exploration of the summer displays and teach about the design process.

Green Spring Gardens is offering a garden tour on July 15. Adults can tour the vibrant summer gardens with a Green Spring Master Gardener docent, then enjoy delicious ices on the historic house lawn.

The National Arboretum is conducting Forest Bathing Walks all summer. Certified forest bathing guides will invite you to reflect on the world around you and guide you through focused meditations.

Meadowlark Botanical Gardens is hosting Pup Days on July 5 and 19, allowing visitors to bring their favorite canine friends. You can enjoy the gardens while your pup gets some exercise.

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